Aluminium Conservatories

Aluminium is another low-maintenance option for your conservatory.

It is lauded for its strength and slim sections which permit larger glazed areas.

In recent years as technology has progressed, aluminium conservatories have become a serious rival to the PVCu conservatories popular since the 1970’s.

Our Aluminium conservatory has a strong slim frame which lends itself perfectly to the sleek lines and rectangular design of the Edwardian Conservatory.

Aluminium conservatories are strong, versatile and durable as an extension to the home. The increasing popularity has meant that designs have become more versatile. By working with the most reliable people in the task of designing and building an aluminium conservatory, it is possible to create a spectacular addition to your home that will solidly stand the test of time.

Aluminium conservatories can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice and when installed with top of the range Zoom Platinum roof glass will make a comfortable addition to your home to be enjoyed all year round.

Glass is the preferred option as it is strong and transparent.

Solar control products (tints or coatings) are most effective at controlling heat from the sun, internal heating and condensation.

Another growing favourite amongst those who go for glass is self-cleaning glass which is making the lives of conservatory owners that much easier. This glass uses natural light and rainwater to keep glass cleaner and clearer.

We use the Zoom Conservatory Roof by Synseal to incorporate the ‘Relax 365′, glass and as the name suggests this solar glass allows use of your Orangery or Conservatory all year round. We use the Platinum glass which is the most efficient which comes in Aqua, Blue and Neutral.

The glass is self-cleaning, Argon filled, has warm edge spacer bar, heat retention 1.0, glare reduction of 42% and reduction in heat transmission of 70%. This allows for a more comfortable and peaceful environment, also ensuring you are cooler in summer and warmer in winter.