Secondary Glazed Windows

Any building where altering or replacing the prime window is not possible or not cost effective, such as listed buildings and rented accommodation will benefit from the installation of secondary glazing. Our aluminium secondary glazing is of the highest quality, light weight, highly effective, with a range of specialist glass for maximum noise reduction and thermal performance. Built to last, it is virtually maintenance free and will give you many years of trouble free service.


• White, silver, brown or any RAL colour available
• Float, Obscure, Toughened, Laminated, ‘K’ and Acoustic glass options
• Made to measure
• Comes complete with trims to cover up fixing screws
• Can incorporate flyscreens, for use in summer months


• Improved thermal insulation
• Save money on heating bills
• Highly effective for noise reduction / insulation
• Provide added security
• Retain the exterior character of the building

What does it look like?

They come in white, silver or brown or any of 200 RAL colours. Aluminium is strong and durable, which means the frames can be designed to be very slim without sacrificing strength, so that they blend into the existing window. They come with covering trims so you don’t see any of your fixing screws.